About Health GIS

About Health Geographical Information System

A geographic information system (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. GIS-based maps and visualizations greatly assist in understanding situations and in storytelling. They are a type of language that improves communication between different teams, departments, disciplines, professional fields, organizations, and the public.

Health Geographical Information System (HGIS) is to be developed as a tool for micro level planning and program implementation in the health sector in the state. GIS will help process and manage a range of health related data including population, infrastructure, disease profile, facilities, health personnel etc. geographical boundary wise. They can be used for a wide variety of applications at the disaggregated level for a number of users and stakeholders. It will provide the required MIS data along with the maps of different boundaries chosen. All the health based information can interpreted on GIS which will further used to analyse, decision support to Health Management, capacity development, resource and fund allocation, besides information based real-time Web GIS Application in health System.

Health Geographical Information System (HGIS) will provide platform to host and launch GIS database on Website with secured access, while strengthening Data Resource Centre, DGMH in its functionality and operation at one side and equip administration with power tool in monitoring, planning, managing & monitorial control to expedite the Health Services in entire Uttar Pradesh.

DRC, DGMH would be responsible for developing the interface system and when complete will be submitted to the developed for the purpose of updating and maintenance. All GIS based database will be created, rectified, registered and complied by HGIS professionals and would be hosted on website with due permission with authority from stage by stage. HGIS will responsible to manipulate as well as to update the relevant & crucial GIS data base for whole state of Uttar Pradesh from time to time or as and when required.


Effective Use of GIS in Health Sector Planning: The HGIS can be effectively utilized in following area of health sector for planning by integrating into information system framework.

  • Sub- Centre, PHC, CHC, Hospitals and Urban slum area mapping and planning;
  • Human Resource Planning and Management,
  • Equipment, Building, Infrastructure and other asset assessment, management, location planning and further development;
  • Environmental impact-assessment & Environmental Contamination;
  • Health Geographic history;
  • Logistics Management;
  • Referral Management;
  • Population and Demographic studies
  • Health Services IEC & Marketing;
  • Transportation systems planning and monitoring for hospital waste management and Emergency Medical Transport Services;
  • Geographic information system to monitor epidemics and diseases prevalence;
  • Monitoring/Regulating private sector health facilities for compliance of the provisions under Clinical Establishment

However, in the increasingly information-intensive environment of tomorrow's health care, the role of GIS will have greater importance due to its abilities to integrate a wide range of data sources, from legacy systems to image data, and to make complex data more quickly and easily understood. Various activities like data collection (Coordinates, ground based information, Health based information etc.) and creation of various vector layer, land use, digitization, disease spread zonation etc., besides mapping all the facilities will be done.